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Roanoke Valley Early College Application

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Part I. Aplicant Information 

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Part II.  Parent/Guardian Information (must be completed by a parent(s))

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Parent/Guardian Educational Background 

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Parent/Guardian Responses

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Part III


Roanoke Valley Early College Applicant Essay Questions


Note: Please limit each response to approximately 200 - 250 words.


*** Make sure these essay responses reflect your very best work. ***


Non-Weldon City Schools Applicants, please upload: A. copy of your most recent report card B. attendance and discipline profile.
Attendance and discipline profile may be obtained from school counselor.
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Please include the email addresses for three references. 

1. Math Teacher

2. Core Teacher (ELA, Science or Social Studies

3. Other School Personnel (counselor, administration etc.)

Copy the link below and forward it to your references.



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Please Read Carefully:  By submitting this application, you understand the commitment of effort and time the applicant is undertaking if accepted into Roanoke Valley Early College High School.  This commitment means agreeing to remain in the program for at least one year.  By signing and submitting this application, the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) and the applicant understand that any attendance or behavior problems will be sufficient cause to rescind any reassignment that may be granted.  Additionally, you agree to release your high school transcripts for use by Roanoke Valley Early College and Halifax Community College.    

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