High School Students Make Plans For Career and College

Students at Weldon High School (WHS) had an opportunity to delve into post-graduation options in a session led by representatives from Turning Point Workforce Development Board and NC Works. The students were able to explore resume building tools for entry into the job market, learn community and 4-year college options, and military options. The session was interactive and the students were given resources to support their individual career and college choices.

“When I get to college I want to be able to learn about the things that interest me,” offered Taniya Bradley, a student at WHS. Being able to have focused options for college and career learning was a common theme for the students.

“I want to work in a place where I can communicate well with other people,” said Renee Mayhorn, a student at WHS. “I want to enjoy my life and travel,” she added. Though college and traditional career pathways appealed to most students, there was still the allure of the military that drew other students in.

“The military offers a good career, and it will make me stronger as a person,” remarked WHS student Kristin Kirkland. After high school, Kristin plans to join the Air Force. “The military will allow me to see more of the world as well,” she concluded.