Roanoke Valley Early College Students Attend Personalized Career Day

Students from Roanoke Valley Early College (RVEC) attended a Career Day event that was tailored just for them. Unlike most career day events, RVEC students took surveys prior to coming to the event. The surveys inquired about careers and career paths that they were interested in or just curious about. With that survey data, school officials then secured employers and practitioners in the student selected fields to come to the Education Centre on the campus of Halifax Community College for a personalized career day exploration.

“We have invited businesses that matched their [students] particular career interests,” began Ms. Melinda Fortier, School Counselor at Roanoke Valley Early College. “Our vision was to make this fair more interesting, engaging and relative to our students than ones that I attended when I was in high school,” she added.  


Each grade level, 9-12, attended the fair for approximately 45 minutes. They came to the event by grade level in order for them to visit at least 3 tables and have quality conversations with the representatives from various organizations.